Thursday, May 13, 2010

Stained Glass artist Michael Pilla designing windows for RMHC-UM

I have been working with renowned stained glass artist Michael Pilla on the beautiful windows he has designed for common places here at the House. Donor Jim Hansen, a huge fan of Michael's work, is behind the project matching dollar for dollar each donation (up to $10,000) to cover the cost of the materials and creation of the windows for the House. I went to the studio this morning to see the first group of glass pieces Michael has cut and assembled and is now ready to glaze. Pictured are the panels in with the glass cut but not yet glazed. The process will take several months but we hope the first series of four windows in House 1 will be installed by mid-June.

Because of the dynamic nature of blogs and Facebook, I want to mention here - after 21 years in his studio in Saint Paul, Michael has learned he will need to relocate his studio by the end of the month. If you know of a studio or large area that has electricity and windows in western Wisconsin or eastern MN, please let us know. We want to help Michael find a new studio so he can continue his projects for the House (and others) without interruption.

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